PREVENT Microbiocides

Inhibit harmful bacterial activity

Our microbiocides are proven to control a broad spectrum of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, particularly sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) for water injection and produced-water systems. These products work both through direct microbiological activity and by modifying the environment to prevent bacteriological activity.

Schlumberger pioneered nitrate application to prevent water reservoir souring by shifting the consortia from SRB to nitrogen-reducing bacteria (NRB).

Microbiocides fall into three fundamental categories:

  • aldehydes that penetrate the cell and denature the protein
  • surfactants that coat the cell membrane, blocking the passage of nutrients across the cell wall
  • oxidizing biocides that lyse (destroy) the cell wall.

Enhance effectiveness through monitoring programs

Product applications are supported by monitoring programs. This includes the installation of devices such as Robbins sidestream equipment to develop sessile biofilm colonies on retrievable studs and near real-time monitoring through use of the Bactiquant technique.

Microbial InstaCheck Real-Time Bacteria Measurement, Monitoring, and Control Service

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