Production Logging

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Quantify your downhole flow regime—at any well deviation

Get real-time, quantified production logging answers in horizontal, deviated, and vertical wells, including conclusive identification of water, oil, and gas entry points.

Flow Scanner

PS Platform Production Services Platform

SandView Downhole Sand Surveillance Service

Memory Production Logging

RSTPro Reservoir Saturation Tool

Wireline Tractor Conveyance

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Convey Wireline Tools in High-Angle and Horizontal Wellbores

Learn how efficient, intelligent MaxTRAC tractor conveyance extends the operating window of wireline operations and provides continuous movement in complex completions. Visit MaxTRAC Tractor System page

Quantify in Real Time Complex Multiphase Flow Regimes

Flow Scanner Imager
Learn how the five minispinners of the Flow Scanner tool measure flow across the wellbore’s vertical axis for calculating multiphase velocity profiles. Visit Flow Scanner System page