Production Logging

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Sep 2013 Integrated Solution for Emulsion Diagnosis in Horizontal Production Logs Flow Scanner, RSTPro SPE
Sep 2011 A Unique Stimulation Approach to Enhance Production Efficiency of Horizontal Wells in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs Carbonates PLT, NODAL, VDA, PS Platform, MaxCO3 Acid , CoilFRAC SPE
Jul 2011 Integration of Mineral Model with Carbon-Oxygen Log Interpretation to Reduce Uncertainty in Hydrocarbon Saturation RST, RSTPro, SpectroLith SPE
May 2011 Casing Integrity Evaluation in Deep Well with Extreme Heavy Mud in Tarim Basin Real-Time Operations, Unconventional Resources Isolation Scanner SPE
May 2011 First Successful Multilateral Well Logging in Saudi Aramco: Innovative Approach toward Logging an Open Hole Multilateral Oil Producer Carbonates, Real-Time Operations Discovery MLT, Flow Scanner, RST, RSTPro SPE