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Get the maneuverability that only bidirectional tractoring and traction control provide

Simple, robust TuffTRAC cased hole services tractors are the only wireline tractors with reverse tractoring and traction control capability in highly deviated wells. With their low sensitivity to borehole conditions, TuffTRAC tractors can deploy any cased hole service, including perforating, ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention, and plug setting. Logging for production, cement and corrosion evaluation, and ABC analysis behind casing services can be conducted while tractoring with precise speed control.

Extreme performance in slimhole, sour, high-temperature, and high-debris environments

The new TuffTRAC iX extreme-performance wireline tractor provides outstanding speed, maneuverability, and tractoring force with truly independent drive control in a 2 1/8-in-diameter intelligent package. Navigation of even the most complex completions is guided by real-time data from the tractor for operating each two-wheeled drive section independently in either direction. This means that only one drive section at a time is closed to efficiently pass through a restriction while maximizing available power.

Modular operational flexibility

Despite their compact length, TuffTRAC tractors have multiple built-in systems for electrical release, head tension, shock absorption, casing collar log, and an addressable perforating safety switch. The TuffTRAC iX tractor also incorporates gamma ray logging. These intelligent capabilities increase operational safety, reliability, and versatility. TuffTRAC tractor configurations typically employ two to four drive sections. Up to eight drive sections, comprising 16 wheels, can be run to push heavy loads in difficult completions.

Powered for maneuverability

The electromechanically driven wheels optimize available surface power, achieving more than 45% conversion efficiency from the supplied electrical power. The low power requirements do not stress auxiliary systems and the tractor does not have to be stopped to cool down, even in dry gas wells.

Exclusive to TuffTRAC tractor operations, active traction control continuously controls the radial force applied by the tractor arms. If slippage is detected, the radial force can be increased to increase the traction, and then decreased once the difficult section is successfully traversed. Because the radial force applied by the arms is independent of borehole size, the TuffTRAC tractor’s drives can achieve the same tractoring force in borehole IDs from 3.4 to 10.6 in.

TuffTRAC iX Tractor

Complex completions, restrictions, high temperatures, and sour or high-debris environments are no barrier to accessing your well with the first tractor that has independent bidirectional drive control.

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