Flow Scanner Horizontal and Deviated Well Production Logging System

Quantify complex multiphase flow regimes in real time

Optimized for three-phase production logging, the Flow Scanner horizontal and deviated well production logging system makes unique, direct measurements by using sensors in contact with the phases. Regardless of phase mixing or recirculation, complex flow regimes are quantified and profiled in real time to give you a better understanding of downhole phase dynamics.

Conventional production logging tools, which make a center-pipe measurement  with a fullbore spinner, are adequate for characterizing the typically simple flow regimes of vertical or nearly vertical wells but cannot give effective answers when confronted with the complex flow environment of highly deviated wells. The Flow Scanner system can. Its minispinners and electrical and optical probes are positioned both on a maneuverable arm and on the tool body along the low side of the well to span the well’s vertical axis and fully investigate all aspects of the flow. Sensor arrangement is sufficiently compact that the sensors measure the same flow regime at the same depth and time.

Integrate multiple velocity and holdup measurements for a complete flow profile

The five minispinners of the Flow Scanner system make localized direct measurement of the fluid velocity for calculating a multiphase velocity profile. The minispinnners incorporate low-friction bearings that make them responsive even in low-energy flow.

The electrical and optical probes measure the fluid phases and their holdup. The six electrical probes discriminate water from hydrocarbons, and the six optical sensors distinguish gas from liquids.

Integration of the velocity and holdup profiles delivers real-time multiphase flow rates. Along with the accurate measurement of mixed and segregated flow regimes, phase interfaces, fluid entries, and recirculation are identifiable.

Efficiently combine logging runs

Fully combinable with other cased hole logging tools, the Flow Scanner system operates in temperatures and pressures up to 300 degF and 15,000 psi. The system can be run in hole sizes ranging from 2 7/8 in to more than 9 in with conveyance on wireline, coiled tubing, or tractor.

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Minispinners and Probes Profile Flow at Any Angle

A maneuverable arm deploys sensors along the vertical axis of nonvertical wells, letting you calculate velocity and holdup measurements in mixed and segregated flow regimes.A conventional spinner, left, only measures flow in the center of the wellbore. The Flow Scanner spinners measure flow at five points across the vertical axis of the wellbore, enabling you to calculate the multiphase velocity profile.
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