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Real-time production logging at any well deviation using an integrated platform

The PS Platform production logging platform integrates innovative sensors and technology to increase the efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of real-time production logging in wells at any angle, from vertical to horizontal. The result is three-phase flow profiles, gas and liquid holdups, and directional fluid velocity measurements for confident, comprehensive characterization of your downhole flow regime.

Modular and conveyance efficiency

Configured for the well angle and number of production phases, the PS Platform production logging platform can be conveyed on any type of wireline or multiline, including conductive slickline, or on well tractor.

FloView and FloView Plus Holdup Measurement Tools

GHOST Gas Holdup Optical Sensor Tool

Phase Velocity Sonde

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Downhole Digitized Detection Pinpoints and Counts Sand Entry

Log showing drop in sand production by choke size.
Four-phase production logging incorporating SandView downhole sand surveillance service measured a sharp drop in sand production from a perforation interval when the choke was varied from 60% to 40%.
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Bubble Count Imaging Identifies First Fluid Entry

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