FloView and FloView Plus Holdup Measurement Tools

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Identify and locate fluids in complex flow regimes for each producing interval

Where conventional production logging sensors cannot accurately function in the complex flow regimes, the FlowView holdup measurement tool makes it possible to understand wellbore flow.

Determine water holdup

The four probes of the FloView holdup measurement tool make independent measurements of the multiphase fluids in each quadrant of the pipe cross section. When a probe pierces impinging droplets of oil or gas in a water-continuous phase or water droplets in an oil-continuous phase, a binary output signal is generated. From these signals the local water holdup and number of hydrocarbon bubbles arriving at each probe or bubble count are determined. The probes do not discriminate between oil and gas.

Diagnose flow in highly deviated and horizontal wells

The FloView Plus holdup measurement tool for highly deviated and horizontal wells combines two FloView tools at an angular offset to double coverage in the pipe cross section. The resulting images of the flow regimes and holdup distribution enable detailed, accurate diagnosis of complex flow situations in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

Combine measurements for three-phase flow analysis

The FloView tool is combinable with the sensor suite of the PS Platform production services platform. FloView data complement three-phase flow analysis, especially in combination with a Gradiomanometer specific gravity profile.

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Intrinsic Velocity, Independent of Spinner Flowmeters

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