GHOST Gas Holdup Optical Sensor Tool

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Directly measure liquid and gas holdups and identify entry points downhole, at any well deviation

Run on the PS Platform production logging platform, the GHOST gas holdup optical sensor tool is the ideal production logging device. It locates the first entry of liquid in a gas well or first entry of gas in a liquid well. Its innovative optical sensing technology also directly detects and quantifies gas in multiphase flows.

Fiber-optic technology, uninfluenced by downhole conditions and fluid properties

Direct gas and liquid holdup measurement by the GHOST tool is made independently of the downhole temperature, pressure, salinity, density, dielectric properties, viscosity, resistivity, nuclear interaction, phase velocity, and well deviation. This insensitivity ensures accurate answers without requiring downhole calibration or making environmental assumptions.

Three-phase production quantified

In a well producing gas, oil, and water at the surface, the GHOST tool is run in combination with the FloView holdup measurement tool to quantify the holdup of gas, oil, and water entering the wellbore and identify their entry points.

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Fiber-Optic Sensing Distinguishes Gas and Liquid

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