SandView Downhole Sand Surveillance Service

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Enhance the detection of sand entry points downhole and determine production rates

SandView downhole sand surveillance service integrates a new sensor design with signal processing and an interpretation algorithm to enhance the detection of sand entry points downhole and determine production rates. The full combinability of SandView service with PS Platform production services for either continuous or station logging introduces a fourth phase—sand—to multiphase production logging.

Robust, real-time, high-sensitivity sand measurement

The digital downhole detection and processing system provides enhanced sensitivity to even minute sand entries within a wellbore. Although Sandview service’s high-resolution acquisition can detect single particles as small as 0.1 mm in diameter, SandView service is immune to the typical challenges for sensing elements, such as background noise from tool motion, subsurface interference, and the impacts of fluid and gas jetting.

Efficient interpretation algorithms discriminate particles by their size and energy, apply smart thresholds, conduct QC of the count and detection rates, and determine production rate confidence to provide answers not previously available with conventional measurements using filters or acoustic detection sensors at the surface. Sand counts can be transformed to volume and mass knowing the particle size and sand density.

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Downhole Digitized Detection Pinpoints and Counts Sand Entry

Log showing drop in sand production by choke size.
Four-phase production logging incorporating SandView downhole sand surveillance service measured a sharp drop in sand production from a perforation interval when the choke was varied from 60% to 40%.
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