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Schlumberger production engineers analyze production data to develop, rehabilitate, and optimize oil and gas fields throughout their life cycles. Integrated studies that incorporate multidisciplinary input reveal reservoir potential and direct strategies for exploitation.

Generate a comprehensive field development plan

To support the development of your field development plan (FDP), Schlumberger petrotechnical experts perform geoscientific studies, estimate reserves, and integrate near-wellbore and full-field geology information to provide various solutions that are screened and ranked to maximize impact and value.

RapidPlan optimized FDP applications integrate multiple reservoir concepts and rapidly runs several scenarios. It automatically generates an optimal well placement strategy that accounts for subsurface uncertainty and risk, including well collision aspects. The resulting multivariable FDP reflects best choices for well placement and forecasts production and NPV over a specified time period.

Optimize well and field development

Schlumberger experts recommend well treatments and development options to improve production. The catalog of well options includes recompletion, stimulation, and artificial lift. Field-level options include

  • integrated asset management projects to optimize surface and subsurface networks
  • intelligent online production management services to optimize brownfield production management and operation.

Pinpoint problem areas and risks

Modeling and interpretation services help identify, diagnose, and treat production-related problems from underperforming wells and production system bottlenecks.

Online production analysis with customized workflows help interpret real-time data from ESPs, permanent downhole gauges, and other sensors.

Advanta Reservoir Production Interpretation System

Field Development Planning

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