Advanta Reservoir Production Interpretation System

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Analyze and optimize production decisions

Advanta on-time production analysis and optimization software performs a semiautomated analysis of pressure and production data in a multiwell context. This analysis enables the matching and plotting of pressures and rates in a multiple-well environment. Real-time or offline data is analyzed, modeled, and monitored to

  • identify planned and unplanned shut-in events
  • determine KPI trends
  • discover early production problems
  • optimize well performance.

Less time is spent on data handling and conditioning, allowing more time for interpretation and analysis.

Data analysis and interpretation

Multiple data sources flow into one central repository for continuous analysis, interpretation, and trend projection. The software supports

  • production evaluation (RTA)
  • traditional reservoir simulations
  • production simulations.

An advanced line-fit algorithm for interpretation eliminates the traditional type-curve generating and nonunique matching process. This industry-leading diagnostic solution enables comprehensive control over production data and ensures effective, cost-saving reservoir and production management.

System modeling

Benefit now and later from modeling both naturally and hydraulically fractured systems using transient and steady-state flow regimes for individual events interpretation (buildup, drawdown, etc.), sensitivity analysis, and long-term well performance prediction.

Reservoir management

Schlumberger experts recommend and can implement a plan of action after data interpretation and sensitivity analysis, production history-matching and forecasting, and modeling. Realize more recovery with a more automated and timely analysis.

Real-Time Data Acquisition

Data Filtering and Preparation

Data Analysis


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Optimizing Reservoir Production

Interpretation of real-time, online data.Using production rates to match flow and reservoir pressure.Quick matching of signatures in log-log and semilog plots, as well as production history.Example of Advanta delta pressure (dp) and derivative of delta pressure (ddP) plot from model identification functionality.
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