Real-Time Data Acquisition

This enhanced functionality option allows you to get more value out of your existing data streams and to optimize production with a faster decision cycle. It enables real-time connectivity among different sources to receive data from multiple wells, and then allows integration of the data into a single analysis package.

High-Frequency Sources

Through the instrumentation of many medium- and high-profile wells with permanent or semipermanent gauges, valuable data can flood the data servers and storage systems in your offices.

Downhole Equipment

The pressure data required for interpretation may be obtained from various sources including permanent downhole gauges (PDGs), downhole pressure memory gauges, and electrical submersible pumps (ESPs).

Intelligent Completion Devices

Completion devices outfitted with pressure gauges return pressure data that can be analyzed by the Advanta Reservoir Production Interpretation System.

Low-Frequency Sources

For mid- to low-profile wells, which comprise most of the drilling activity, no advanced completion systems or downhole devices are installed and only surface measurements are available for most of the wells. These surface devices generally provide data at low frequency, and this is automatically applied to more complex scenarios when engineers try to identify and understand problems at the well or reservoir level. This has been highlighted by customers in a variety of technical documents.