ResFlood Multizonal Selective Injection System

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Enhance waterflood sweep efficiency and hence, oil recovery

ResFlood multizonal selective injection system compensates for reservoir injectivity variations along the wellbore. These fluctuations are caused by heterogeneous permeability, fracture networks, and frictional pressure losses along horizontal wells—the heel-to-toe effect.

Installed as part of the tubing string in an open or cased hole, the engineered ResFlood system comprises an injection ICD fitted with a sleeve and up to four nozzles to regulate flow. ResFlood systems are used together with isolation packers to compartmentalize the wellbore (based on its natural injectivity profile) and a circulation valve at the toe of the string for fluid circulation during system installation.

Control injection profile

Injection ICDs enable using the optimal number of injection points to help equalize the injection profile across the length of the wellbore and maximize sweep efficiency. In high-permeability zones they restrict flow, encouraging injection into less permeable zones. Injection ICD nozzles can be sized to suit specific well and reservoir characteristics.

Actuated by a hydraulic shifting tool run on CT or jointed pipe, the ResFlood system’s sleeve allows or shuts off flow through the injection ICD nozzles, enabling selective injection into a given zone for greater control of the injection profile. For example, a zone can be shut off, if required, to prevent early watering out of the producing well.

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Variable injectivityResFlood multizonal selective injection system
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