3D VSP Processing

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VSP technology: The solution for borehole surveys

Many subsurface imaging problems cannot be solved without a 3D survey, and when a survey also needs to be performed in the borehole, the solution is 3D vertical seismic profile (VSP) technology.

With increased computer power, it is now practical to perform 3D finite difference modeling for survey evaluation and design of 3D VSPs. In complex geological environments, better model-building methods and more accurate imaging algorithms, such as reverse-time migration (RTM), are critical for successful 3D VSP surveys.

Improve model calibration

For 3D VSPs, depth migration of individual receivers can be carried out to generate common image point (CIP) gathers. The automated process allows picking of reflection events on these gathers for detailed, accurate hybrid grid/layered velocity models in the most challenging environments.

Presurvey Design and Acquisition


Understanding 3D VSP Imaging

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3D VSP Acquisition

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