Wavefield Extrapolation Multiple Modeling (WEMM)

Specially useful for wide-azimuth towed marine surveys

Wavefield extrapolation multiple modeling (WEMM) provides a complementary approach to our 3D surface multiple prediction (SMP) methods.

Convolution-based 3D surface-related multiple attenuation methods have the advantage that the multiple model is predicted from the input data with no knowledge of the subsurface. However, these methods can be challenged by complex 3D multiples, particularly for sparse seabed or towed streamer data.

WEMM uses a previously produced velocity model and migrated seismic image to compute a multiple model that can be subtracted from the input data. Thus the process is effectively independent of acquisition geometry.

Capable of handling complex 3D multiples

WEMM provides a number of advantages. It

  • attenuates multiple energy where multiples have 3D complexity
  • provides a multiple model that is independent of acquisition geometry
  • eliminates the need for data interpolation or prediction
  • improves multiple attenuation for wide-azimuth and ocean-bottom cable (OBC) and ocean-bottom node (OBN) systems
  • enhances multiple prediction and attenuation for long offsets
  • enhances structural imaging.

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WEMM: A Complementary Approach to 3D GSMP Surface Multiple Prediction

WEM modeling
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