Noise Attenuation

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A portfolio of noise removal methods to match your requirements

Removing noise from your seismic data is an important step to confident interpretations. Land and marine seismic present different challenges. Data can contain both coherent and random noise, including wind or swell noise, mud roll, ambient noise, and seismic interference. Each of these must be uniquely addressed and can require application of more than one method to yield optimum results. Our experts can help you choose the right techniques or combinations of techniques to best fit your goals.

SWAMI Surface Wave Analysis, Modeling & Inversion

An integrated technology that helps improve reservoir characterization with land seismic data by accurately compensating for the extreme velocity variations and complex surface wave noise contamination caused by the highly heterogeneous near-surface geology.

Model-Driven Interferometry (MDI)

Seismic Interference Noise Elimination (SINE)

Vector High-Fidelity (VHF) Signal Enhancement

Reduced noise in your seismic data with simultaneous optimization of the amplitude and frequency content, resulting in an extended usable bandwidth for structural interpretation.

Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)

Anomalous Amplitude Attenuation (AAA)


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