Kirchhoff Prestack Depth Migration

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The most widely used migration algorithm in the industry

3D Kirchhoff prestack depth migration (PSDM) is the most widely used migration algorithm in the industry and sets the standard for depth imaging as a key component of the seismic toolbox.

Our implementation images arrivals propagating at high angles of 90° and beyond as turning waves. Image quality is further improved by the ability to honor both VTI and TTI.

It is a flexible, amplitude-preserving implementation and has been used successfully for many years in a variety of geological settings around the world: in land, marine, and OBC geometries and also for imaging of multicomponent data. Our massive parallel compute clusters ensure rapid delivery without sacrificing quality.

The latest release of our Kirchhoff PSDM has been extended to allow direct ray-tracing through explicit surfaces in the velocity model. This can help generate more accurate travel times, resulting in better positioning and image fidelity.

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Kirchhoff Algorithm Results in Better Positioning and Image Fidelity

The advantage of depth over time imaging.
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