Calibrated Marine Source (CMS)

Accurate shot-by-shot designature

Conventional source designature methods assume that the source wavelet is constant for all shots in a survey (and from one survey to the next). However, minor perturbations in wave height, gun pressure, array geometry, and dropouts mean that the true source signature varies from shot to shot, reducing the resolution and repeatability of seismic data.

The calibrated marine source (CMS) is our solution for performing an accurate shot-by-shot designature. Using proprietary technology, the recorded near-field signatures for every gun in the array are used to generate an estimated far-field signature (wavelet) for each shot, optionally at different take-off angles. Each shot record can then be deconvolved relative to the average far-field signature to provide a common vertical signature for every shot in the survey.

Improved confidence in amplitude interpretation

CMS is a deterministic method that

  • provides control of the source spectrum
  • calculates signatures at angles other than vertical (important for optimal directional designature)
  • removes both relative differences due to source variations as well as absolute variations between surveys.

Compensating for signature perturbations is a crucial part of stabilizing the seismic wavelet, benefiting both imaging and inversion processes (such as AVO inversion and rock property characterization). In 4D studies, measuring and compensating for variations in the source signature between phases removes a major perturbation from the time-lapse signal.

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CMS System Compensates
for Shot-to-Shot Variations
in Source Array Output

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