Time-Lapse Seismic Processing

Optimal data quality for reservoir monitoring

WesternGeco uses dedicated algorithms for step-by-step removal of the effects of differing acquisition systems and unrepeated coverage on 4D processing. Statistical processes are avoided as much as possible because they are affected by noise that differs from one vintage to the next. Where deterministic algorithms cannot be used, simultaneous processing of multiple vintages is often the key to ensuring stability and consistency.

Streamlined workflows with rigorous quality control

Use of specialized QC algorithms as early as possible in the processing workflow minimizes their impact on project turnaround time. An initial QC identifies potential acquisition issues that the processing flow will need to address. The entire workflow is evaluated on 4D difference data before application to the full survey. A global 4D QC performed after every major processing step ensures that the processing has operated as intended and repeatability is improving as anticipated.

Long-term approach

We design time-lapse processing flows that can be easily applied to subsequent monitor surveys. In many cases the new monitor survey can be processed independently of preceding surveys. When used in conjunction with onboard processing during acquisition, delivery times of weeks rather than months are common. Regression testing of the processing flows ensures that the newly processed data is consistent with previous results. Costs are minimized and the early availability of data expedites ROI from the monitor survey.

Nonrigid Matching

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Global QC 4D Attributes

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