High-resolution hybridized cell-based 3D tomography

Our cell-based 3D tomography is an industry leader in quality and resolution. Suitable for marine, land, and OBC (including mode-converted wave) geometries, CIP-Tomo has a proven track record for producing detailed, yet accurate, hybrid grid/layered velocity models in the most challenging geological settings: from fault shadows in the GOM, to permafrost conditions in Alaska and mud volcanoes in the Caspian basin.

CIP-Tomo is a generalized reflection tomography method that uses residual moveout analysis of prestack depth-migrated CIP gathers to update an initial model. The method can use either multivalued non-hyperbolic or single-valued moveout; it incorporates anisotropy, works with offset or angle gathers, and has the ability to perform subsalt tomographic updates using WEM migration scans.


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High-Resolution Velocity Variations Above Top Salt in GOM

Multiple tomographic iterations provide high resolution detail of velocity variations above top-salt in this Gulf of Mexico example.
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