Interactive Velocity Analysis & QC (InVA)

Rapid velocity analysis and advanced geostatistical velocity QC

Interactive velocity analysis (InVA) provides a full-featured interactive velocity analysis package for time-domain projects of any size. It includes conventional semblance, gather and mini-stack analysis, semiautomatic Toldi inversion picking, and extensive QC and mapping tools.

The latest version offers an updated traveltime generator to enable full ray-traced anisotropic moveout correction of gather displays. This provides consistency between moveout corrections in InVA and our proprietary Kirchhoff Prestack Time Migration.

This release also sees further improvements to interactive and automatic dual-parameter analysis for the generation of anisotropic (VTI) velocity fields. The eta field is saved for further interpolation or smoothing as necessary prior to application in Kirchhoff Prestack Time Migration or high-order anisotropic moveout.

Other key features of InVA include

  • manual and automatic picking modes
  • semblance, gather, and mini-stack views
  • interactive velocity conditioning tools
  • efficient stack verification
  • angle mute overlays
  • full range of QC options and overlays
  • broad portfolio of high-order and anisotropic moveout algorithms
  • horizon-based options
  • vertical or time slice contour / post options
  • binning gamma analysis for P-S data
  • multiple prediction to guide velocity trends.

InVA also incorporates the ability to define spatiality variant stacking mutes while picking velocities. This, coupled with the high-order dual-parameter velocity picking and fully ray-traced anisotropic moveout, means that a more precise spatially variant mute can be defined both quickly and easily.

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InVA: Interactive Velocity Analysis

InVA: Interactive velocity analysis.
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