Long and Medium Wavelength Statics Solutions

Reflection-based medium and long-wavelength statics corrections

Resolving medium and long-wavelength statics in the presence of near surface or partially buried velocity anomalies is a key step in many land, TZ, multicomponent, and even marine surveys.

We offer a flexible 3D technique that solves long to medium wavelength statics using reflection data alone, without the need to pick first breaks from refraction data.

This method can provide an improved statics solution to significantly enhance interpretation of migrated images where it is difficult to obtain a good refraction statics solution, such as in areas of near surface basalt layers, permafrost, or anywhere there is a velocity inversion in the near surface. It can also be used to derive field statics and resolve time sags due to gas pockets or time pull-up due to shallow reefs.

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A Flexible 3D Technique

Long and medium wavelength statics solutions.
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