Residual Event Alignment (REVEAL)

Residual event alignment using non-rigid matching

Residual event alignment (REVEAL) is an approach that provides enhanced gather flattening to any type of seismic data, and is enabled by the Schlumberger proprietary non-rigid matching technique.

REVEAL estimates locally varying, locally smooth, time shifts across a seismic gather exhibiting residual moveout. It is spatially "aware", in contrast to other methods that only use individual pairs of traces, and hence, have no concept of local consistency or smoothness.

REVEAL can be applied late in the processing sequence after all other signal enhancement steps have been applied, such as wavelet shaping across offsets/angles. The process delivers fully flattened gathers across a wide range of angles or offsets. The result? Improved confidence in structural interpretation and more reliable AVO analysis and inversion products.

REVEAL is also applicable in enhancing time-lapse (4D) analysis, and now forms a key component in many of our inversion-ready and 4D-ready workflows.

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Accurate Reservoir Property Predication

REVEAL: Gather flattening for enhanced inversion.
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