Spatially Continuous Velocity Analysis (SCVA)

Dense, high-resolution velocity analysis for structural imaging and stratigraphic analysis

Spatially continuous velocity analysis (SCVA) is a versatile and efficient method for creating the ever-more detailed velocity information required for imaging in geologically complex areas.

High-density, high-resolution velocities are picked using an automated routine while following geologic horizons and structures. It favors spatially continuous horizons while rejecting anomalous picks that conventional automated velocity picking routines may have generated.

SCVA flattens migrated gathers and improves image quality. Automatically interpreted horizons enable interval velocities to be constrained, while a water-bottom multiple predictor ensures discrimination against multiple velocities.

Velocity fields derived by SCVA also have applications in stratigraphic studies. For example, by incorporating a high-resolution interval velocity model into a Pore Pressure Prediction workflow.

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