Seismic Velocity Modeling (SVM)

Interpretation to imaging and back again

Seismic velocity modeling (SVM) is a full suite of interactive applications enabling velocity model building and the execution of depth-imaging workflows in a 3D visualization environment. It answers the need for the efficient integration of interpretation, modeling, and seismic processing tools to facilitate any imaging workflow through seamless access to our Omega seismic data processing system and also to the Petrel E&P Software Platform.

SVM bridges the gap between two previously separate worlds: the highly visual and interactive world of interpretation and velocity model building, and the computationally intensive world of migration and tomographic inversion.

SVM facilitates the entire depth imaging process

From velocity-depth model building and tomographic updates through to final imaging, SVM delivers the most accurate depth-imaging solutions currently available in an optimal timeframe. Typical workflows include isotropic and anisotropic depth imaging, migration velocity model building and updating, 4D imaging and anisotropic illumination studies, and borehole to surface seismic calibration.

The SVM toolbox includes an interactive horizon-based residual moveout quality assurance workflow and a volumetric RMO QC . A quality earth-model for depth-imaging first requires a solid foundation consisting of an accurate background velocity field. Only once this is in place can high-frequency detail be added to the model with confidence.

The SVM RMO QA workflow allows for fast, robust early iterations of tomography model building by ensuring the quality of the initial residual moveout picks through geostatistical analysis. This provides the foundation needed to ensure rapid convergence to the final earth-model during the later stages of tomography.

SVM workflows can increase confidence in the quality of your velocity model, from everyday depth imaging requirements to the most complex subsurface environments.

Interactive Seismic Modeling

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Interactive Depth Imaging

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Accurate Depth-Imaging Solutions in an Optional Timeframe

Velocity modeling building in i2i.Update anisotropic background models using multi-well analysis and calibration.
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