Interactive Depth Imaging

Interactive depth imaging services enable the integration of measurements and data across scales and disciplines—within a time frame that can significantly impact on the uncertainty inherent to the E&P process. A key component of these services is the LSI localized seismic imaging software package, which can be run on a single workstation or a cluster of compute nodes.

Challenge for ‘while-drilling’ applications

3D prestack seismic depth migration (PreSDM) is an extremely computationally intensive process, traditionally taking weeks or even months to complete, depending on the type of migration and the survey size. For while-drilling applications, a critical factor is to enable the rapid update of the seismic volume to incorporate new information made available during drilling. Typical PreSDM solutions cannot yield a result within the time frame that would adequately impact a drilling program.

The solution

Localized Seismic Imaging (LSI) is based on Schlumberger Gaussian Packet Migration technology to rapidly update prestack depth images in a local area, generating near-real-time seismic imaging in a local volume of interest (VOI) for a given velocity model.

  • LSI utilizes all seismic data (NAZ, MAZ, WAZ, and FAZ) that may contribute to the image in a local area and performs PreSDM only within the VOI.
  • It handles ISO, VTI, and TTI models.
  • LSI can be run on a single workstation or a cluster of compute nodes.
  • Image while you drill - reduce drilling surprises and revise your seismic image in time to impact a drilling program.

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Near-Real-Time Localized Seismic Imaging

Localised imaging examples. Velocity model perturbed by inserting a reduced velocity layer and a salt ball and visualizing the effect on the image and gathers in the VOI.
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