Interactive Seismic Modeling

Schlumberger Geosolutions prestack seismic modeling capabilities are comprised of integrated ray tracing and illumination software and workflows which deliver fast and accurate modeling.

Using as input either a pure gridded velocity model, a horizon-based model, or a hybrid velocity model, the reflection or diffraction ray-tracing modeling capability provides users with a fast and integrated method of determining the energy and spatial distribution for a particular acquisition geometry. Coupled with the illumination spectrum, users can quickly determine which horizon dip is illuminated and which horizon dip cannot be illuminated. The functionality is geared to facilitating interpreters’ work processes: one click of the mouse button anywhere in the image volume will yield the reflection or diffraction rays.

Alternatively, for illumination studies, users can determine all illuminated structure at a particular spatial location.

Modeling applications

  • Discriminate between properly illuminated signals, migration artifacts, or coherent noise.
  • Enhance seismic survey design with illumination spectrum.
  • Functions on narrow-, wide-, or full-azimuth seismic data.

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Fast and Accurate Modeling

Fast and easy raytracing - given an input model this is as easy as clicking on the image. The dip is automatically detected and rays are traced through the model. Multi-azimuth, reflection, refraction and wavefront propagation are all supported.
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