Interactive Prestack Seismic Interpretation

Prestack seismic interpretation tools and workflows are complementary to our existing 3D volume interpretation workflows. Schlumberger Geosolutions unique imaging technology delivers both offset gathers and reflection-angle gathers at every output location. The image and gathers can be visualized in 3D space anywhere and anytime with one click. The speed is independent of the data volume size, making the interpretation task using prestack seismic data extremely user friendly.

Prestack seismic data viewing and integration

The visualization platform shows stacked and common-offset data together with a prestack window that synchronizes the gather view with a single click to display the gathers from anywhere in the survey. The platform comprises an integrated suite of interpretation tools — prestack seismic modeling, seismic illumination, and multiple modeling.

  • Prestack event picking: Events can be picked and edited on all offsets in the prestack domain.
  • Stack data on-the-fly: This powerful feature provides the interpreter with the on-the-fly capability of viewing which offsets contribute the most to an event.
  • Processing on-the-fly: Gain, bandpass filtering, and even multitrace operations such as Radon transforms can be applied for viewing without creating another large data volume.

Interactive prestack seismic attributes

Attributes can be extracted for prestack events for use in amplitude, structural, and stratigraphic studies. Attributes and prestack events can be visualized rapidly by offset by scrolling through the suite of attributes that were calculated in a map view.

Attributes can be manipulated to create, for example, composite ‘stacked’ attribute maps. A simple sum of the amplitude attribute can be useful in cases where some noise suppression by means of stacking is needed, but where RMO in the volume can degrade the data in a stack.

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Fast Visualization of Images and Gathers in 3D

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