Surface Wave Analysis Modeling and Inversion (SWAMI)

Surface wave analysis, modeling and inversion (SWAMI) is an integrated technology for near-surface characterization and noise attenuation of surface waves, as well as the generation of more accurate near-surface velocity models.

Depth solution for land near-surface

SWAMI uses the most powerful and coherent energy recorded within land and OBC seismic datasets—surface waves—to clearly define near-surface velocity properties.

Acquisition requirements

As the depth of penetration of surface waves is proportional to their wavelength, the optimum results are achieved by using sources and detectors that have the maximum bandwidth, especially at the low frequency end of the spectrum, typically down to approximately 3Hz. The UniQ integrated point-receiver land seismic system offers high-bandwidth technology, which means the best quality data can be collected for analysis of the near surface.

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Clearly Define Near-Surface Velocity Properties

Data input to SWAMI.Ground roll removed using SWAMI.
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