Surface Wave Analysis, Modeling, and Inversion (SWAMI)—Velocity Modeling

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SWAMI incorporates an inversion mechanism, which allows the measurements from the analysis of the surface waves to be converted into a near-surface velocity model. This model can be added to geological information and geophysical measurements to provide a more accurate representation of the near-surface structure and to initiate tomographic analysis as part of the prestack depth migration process.

Performing prestack depth migration on land data is challenging because of velocity variations in the near surface. The ability to generate a high-resolution velocity model, with SWAMI as one of the components, addresses this issue, making it possible to run prestack depth migration on all seismic data. This high resolution, near-surface model can also be used to calculate surface consistent statics.

3D coverage

Phase velocities can be picked from high-resolution spectra and inverted to a shear velocity section for the near surface for each receiver line. By tessellating several receiver lines, 3D coverage is achieved. SWAMI yields a precise and accurate shear velocity model for the first 100 to 150 m below the surface, depending on low frequency content and the near-surface characteristics.

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Run Prestack Depth Migration on All Seismic Data with
SWAMI Velocity Modeling

SWAMI velocity modeling: principle of the method
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