Land Seismic Acquisition Techniques

Overview Features

Key Features


  • Scalable to any live channel count
  • Over 20,000 source points per day using simultaneous source techniques 
  • High-capacity data transport architecture for real-time handling of large data volumes 
  • Recording and infield data processing system and software scalable to demand 


  • Full support for all current simultaneous source techniques 
  • Continuous acquisition and unlimited record length
  • Minimized cable logistics via integrated sensor and recording spread architecture 
  • Optimized, integrated planning, management, positioning and source control 


  • Low-density sparse acquisition to high-trace density, wide azimuth geometries
  • Customizable rule-based simultaneous source options
  • Mixed source acquisition
  • Hot and cold climate interoperability


  • MSS managed spread and source integrated acquisition optimization
  • Built-in redundancies with automated data and power rerouting
  • Fast start-up, testing and continuous spread monitoring
  • Rigorous manufacturing testing and quality control 


  • Broadband, low distortion geophone accelerometer point-receivers
  • Self-testing sensors output calibrated self-describing trace data
  • Vibrator source signature QC, real-time sensor tilt-monitoring and data integrity checking
  • Latest Omega algorithms for simultaneous source separation, near surface characterization and noise removal

In Focus | UniQ Platform

In Focus | UniQ journal
A compilation of international case studies and technical papers highlighting the high-quality image capture capabilities and reliability of our UniQ land seismic acquisition platform. Download journal (34.8 MB PDF)