DX-80 Land Seismic Vibrator Truck

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WesternGeco Desert Explorer vibrators are an industry-leading vibroseis source. All Desert Explorer units are engineered to produce the most powerful, low distortion, and broad bandwidth source signal possible.

High power—improves the overall signal-to-noise ratio of the data and can be used to reduce the number of vibrators required or the sweep time, to achieve a specific imaging objective.

Low distortion—maximizes the overall data quality.

Broad bandwidth—results in higher-resolution data. In particular, the improved low-frequency content improves the inversion process.

In addition to the high geophysical performance of the vibrators, they are designed with safety as the paramount requirement; safety features include the design of the walkway layout and access steps, the lighting system for night operations, and no-spill refueling systems.

There are two Desert Explorer vibrators: the 625 and the latest model, the DX-80. The 625 can be equipped with a range of actuators - either a 60 or 80,000 pound force P-wave actuator or a 30,600 pound shear-wave actuator. Each vibrator is equipped as either a wheeled or tracked unit. The rubber-tracked vehicles are called RTVs.

The latest vibrator in the series, the DX-80, features the latest engineering advances, including the WesternGeco 80,000-lb actuator. The mechanical and hydraulic systems have been specifically designed to maximize the benefits of MD Sweep technology to provide the widest possible source bandwidth. New hydraulic and mechanical engineering projects are being implemented to further extend the high-frequency capability of the actuator.

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Desert Explorer RTV

Desert Explorer RTV
WesternGeco Desert Explorer vibrators can be equipped with rubber tracks (RTV).

Latest Engineering Advances Incorporated in DX-80

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