UniQ Land Seismic Acquisition Platform

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Integrated point-receiver land seismic system

The UniQ land seismic acquisition platform is the industry’s only field-proven, extreme channel-count acquisition system. A highly flexible system, it can be deployed in fast-moving, low-density exploration surveys and in full-azimuth, broad bandwidth, point-source/point-receiver reservoir surveys. It can operate from the hottest deserts to freezing arctic conditions and is fully integrated with WesternGeco advanced source technologies such as the DX-80 vibrator truck, MD Sweep design methodology, MSS managed spread and source, and SHARP slip-sweep harmonic removal procedure.

The UniQ platform has been designed to optimize productivity and minimize technical downtime. It is a true continuous acquisition system that eliminates dead time between acquisition records and enables use of multiple-tier simultaneous source techniques. Using GPS time for recording and source synchronization, time-stamped shot records can be separated out either in the recording truck or in base camp, offering increased flexibility. On-the-fly script loading means no lost time during swath changes. A single recorder can acquire unlimited active channels while QC of the data takes place in real time.

Fault tolerance during acquisition

Built-in redundancies include multiple fiber-optic alternate data pathways as standard, automated data rerouting, and double-ended sensor strings that continue to stream data and provide power paths even after a cable cut. The UniQ platform’s spread can sustain multiple simultaneous line breaks and cable cuts without the loss of a single channel of data. Automatic alarms immediately alert the operator to the damaged section, enabling prompt repair while acquisition continues.

Automatic sensor units to maximize productivity

The proven geophone accelerometer (GAC) has been refined and improved for the UniQ platform. Sensor units are "plug and play," automatically powering up and self-testing upon connection. The UniQ platform’s raw sensor measurements (RSMs) are transmitted to the central system in a self-describing data format. Planned and final coordinates, test results, tilt statistics, and environmental data are all sent back to the recording truck along with the RSMs, where they are combined with similar information from the sources and written directly into the trace headers. Coordinates can be optionally injected into each sensor during the layout process through RFID technology. This functionality is available for both single-sensor and conventional analog configurations to enables fast, error-free data processing.

Integrated survey planning and processing

iManage planning software enables intelligent equipment planning as well as source and recording system parameterization. The Integrated Source Controller provides support for explosive and vibroseis acquisition, including all modern advanced vibrator techniques. A range of innovative features help to reduce nonproductive up time. Real-time quality control in the recording truck includes automated QC, flagging bad shots for rejection or suspect shots for further investigation. Infield data processing facilities that rival many fixed-site processing centers allow the immense measurement volumes produced to be processed on-crew through fit-for-purpose workflows, while maintaining industry-leading turnaround time.

UniQ System Sales

The UniQ integrated point-receiver land seismic system is capable of acquiring an unlimited number of live channels of seismic data in a wide range of environments and is available for lease from one month to long term or for outright purchase and transfer of ownership.

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