Marine Seismic Acquisition

High-quality and cost-effective marine seismic services

WesternGeco offers ground-breaking marine seismic acquisition technologies and techniques, developed to address your specific survey and imaging objectives. Each proposed project involves survey evaluation and design taking into account the specific geophysical and geological challenges of the area. We are committed to providing custom solutions so you can be certain that you have the information you need to make the best decisions.

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Marine Acquisition Technologies

Marine Acquisition Techniques

Marine Seismic Fleet

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In Focus | IsoMetrix Seismic Technology

In  Focus | IsoMetrix Technology
A compilation of technical articles highlighting the high-quality 3D broadband seismic capabilities of our IsoMetrix technology.
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Broadband Seismic Acquisition Techniques

Broadband Seismic Acquisition Techniques
With acquisition techniques complemented by extensive data processing workflows, WesternGeco can provide a high-quality broadband solution for any marine streamer configuration and depth profile.
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Marine Seismic Acquisition

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