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Modern, flexible fleet for all acquisition needs

The WesternGeco marine seismic fleet provides the flexibility to meet your specific requirements, from large-scale exploration to targeted production monitoring (4D) surveys. The fleet is the platform on which we deploy industry-leading technology, including seismic sensors, sources, and navigation solutions.

Towed-streamer acquisition technology forms the backbone of our fleet. The Q-marine point-receiver marine seismic system was released in 2000 as the first towed system to use point-receiver measurements and lateral streamer control. Since then, it has performed across the full spectrum of basins and environments around the world. More recently, our IsoMetrix marine isometric seismic technology has set the new standard in broadband seismic acquisition—building on the foundations of the Q-Marine system while incorporating multimeasurements to take the next step in truly 3D seismic processing and imaging.

Amazon class

Leading seismic technology is complemented by the world’s most advanced seismic acquisition platform. The Amazon class vessels were designed purely for efficient, safer, and reliable seismic acquisition. They provide the scale and capacity to satisfy the demands of the largest exploration surveys with the endurance to remain in the field for prolonged periods, even in the harshest conditions.


Our fleet provides the scope to cover the full range of seismic acquisition designs and techniques. These include rich-azimuth and long-offset acquisitions, with continuous data recording during line turns and simultaneous sources.

In addition, multipurpose vessels provide the capability to perform a variety of roles depending on requirements. For example, a vessel may be equipped with a small towed-streamer spread while retaining the ability to deploy and retrieve seabed systems and act as an independent source boat in rich-azimuth or 3D vertical seismic profile (VSP) projects.


Seabed acquisition is a rapidly growing area of the seismic market, including both ocean-bottom node (OBN) and ocean-bottom cable (OBC) approaches. WesternGeco offers high-quality seabed solutions for a range of environments. These include the Q-Seabed multicomponent seabed seismic system and nodal options as well as hybrid combinations with towed-streamer technology. These solutions are complemented by our broad experience in processing, imaging, inverting, and interpreting multicomponent datasets.

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