Marine Seismic Acquisition Techniques

Innovative techniques for a custom marine-acquisition solution

Regardless of the complexity and requirements of your marine seismic challenge, our wide range of acquisition techniques provide the level of subsurface illumination and image fidelity you need to make informed decisions about your reservoir.

Coil Shooting and Dual Coil Shooting FAZ Acquisition

Wide-Azimuth Marine Acquisition

Illuminate complex reservoirs using advanced seismic acquisition techniques that greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio. 

Broadband Acquisition

Efficient Acquisition Designs

Time-Lapse Marine (4D) Acquisition

Enable a clearer 4D image for more accurate interpretation with WesternGeco technology calibrated with highly accurate positioning and steerable streamers.

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Efficient Broadband Using IsoMetrix Technology

IsoMetrix Marine Seismic Technology
IsoMetrix technology enhances acquisition efficiency without compromising sampling or bandwidth. Visit IsoMetrix Marine Seismic Technology page