Onboard Seismic Processing

Early 4D results ensure appropriate acquisition decisions

Our worldwide acquisition crews employ high-end computer systems that run the same Omega geophysical data processing platform that is used by the onshore processing teams. A significant portion of the time-lapse processing flow is often performed on the vessel during acquisition. The results are progressively stacked and 4D QC is performed against an equivalent stack cube from a previous survey.

4D processing in parallel with acquisition

Having these 4D QC results during deployment can highlight where reshoots are required and provide early warning of discrepancies between the current and previous acquisitions. At the end of the survey, the final stack can be migrated and shipped directly to your office for 4D analysis. Alternatively, partially processed results can be forwarded to a WesternGeco expert team for further processing, saving a month or more of processing time.

Our ability to process and QC high-quality 4D datasets onboard the vessel during the acquisition frequently enables vital decisions in a shorter turnaround time. In one field, this approach enabled advantageously repositioning a well track in just 30 days after the start of acquisition.

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High-End 4D Processing Onboard WesternGeco Vessels