Broadband Seismic Acquisition

Maximize data resolution to enhance inversion and interpretation

Broadband data has become a standard element of most marine seismic surveys. Although various approaches are available, all aim to achieve the same result: maximize the usable seismic signal across the full-frequency spectrum. This means improving signal-to-noise separation for both low and high frequencies and well-known ghost notches while also ensuring a consistent phase response at all frequencies. Broadband data delivers more reliable inversion results, minimizing the reliance on well information and enabling interpretation teams to more accurately resolve both thin and thick formations.

IsoMetrix Marine Isometric Seismic Technology

Setting a new standard in broadband towed-streamer acquisition, IsoMetrix technology provides full 3D receiver deghosting combined with the ability to reconstruct the seismic wavefield between the streamers. This steps towards a new definition of effective broadband data in all three spatial dimensions.

Q-Marine Point-Receiver Marine Seismic System

The Q-Marine system is a broadband recording system that uses single-sensor recording to characterize noise with sufficient spatial fidelity. Noise is removed using digital filtering techniques, which, unlike conventional noise suppression, does not affect the signal bandwidth or fidelity.

Seabed Seismic Technologies

Our integrated nodal solutions encompass survey design and modeling through acquisition, processing, and imaging. Additional ocean bottom seismic technologies include the multicomponent Q-Seabed system and hybrid approaches with towed streamers, autonomous seismic acquisition platforms, and multi-purpose vessels.

Delta Calibrated Marine Broadband Seismic Source

Broadband processing for any streamer acquisition

Our acquisition techniques are complemented by extensive data processing solutions. WesternGeco uses proven algorithms such as single- and multi-streamer adaptive deghosting, and generalized matching pursuit (GMP) to conduct source and receiver-side deghosting, providing a high-quality broadband solution for any marine streamer acquisition configuration.

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True 3D Broadband Across All Dimensions

Isometrix broadband technology provides full 3D deghosting.
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