SimSource Simultaneous Seismic Source Acquisition & Processing Technique

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Flexible and efficient marine seismic data acquisition

The SimSource simultaneous seismic source acquisition and processing technique enables multiple sources to be fired simultaneously. This provides flexibility in marine survey geometries for improved coverage in obstructed areas, greater azimuthal diversity, and longer offsets. Depending on survey objectives, this means improving image quality with increased data density or generating the same coverage in less time. 

Benefits of simultaneous sources in marine acquisition

The SimSource technique supports more efficient acquisition designs. Overlapping records, combined with continuous recording, enable faster vessel speed, which reduces project duration. In the case of heavily overlapped records, a deblending strategy is used to maintain optimal data quality. 

Successfully separating the signals from each source makes it possible to sample the subsurface more effectively and efficiently. This process of separating the source signals can be performed onboard our vessels. Select from different methods based on either active or passive separation principles, depending on the specific objectives and constraints of your survey. After separation, readings from the SimSource technique look like standard shot records. The improved signal-to-noise ratio and spatial sampling result in superior data quality.

Survey evaluation and design

The SimSource technique is applicable to all forms of marine acquisition, including multi-, wide-, and full-azimuth surveys as well as undershoots. The approach is also used for seabed surveys, including ocean-bottom node (OBN) and ocean-bottom cable (OBC), and can be used in conjunction with permanent installations and 3D vertical seismic profiles (VSPs). The SimSource technique has been applied in a range of configurations and geographical locations.

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Improved Subsurface Illumination

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