Autonomous Seismic Acquisition

Mobility and endurance for long-duration missions

Our proprietary 3D sensor array (3DSA) technology designed for autonomous seismic acquisition enables mobility and flexibility for long-duration missions in all weather conditions. The 3DSA has been deployed on the Wave Glider® platform and other types of autonomous marine vehicles.

3D sensor array

The 3DSA is deployed behind the autonomous vehicle using a motion-isolating cable that provides power and data transfer. The array consists of a rigid frame with 5 arms in perpendicular orientation. Each arm houses 3 hydrophones, spaced 50-cm apart. The large cylindrical segment houses a buoyancy engine and a series of inertial motion sensors to measure orientation. Ambient and random noise attenuation is achieved by summing all 15 hydrophones, and differentials between the measurements are used to calculate the first- and second-order pressure gradient.

Seismic applications

The flexibility to deploy multiple autonomous seismic acquisition vehicles enables a wide range of applications. For example, long and ultralong offset data can be acquired in conjunction with a conventional streamer survey. Acquisition with the 3DSA can also complement streamer acquisition around obstructed areas and provide additional and simultaneous measurements for 3D vertical seismic profile (VSP) surveys. It can also acquire nodal-type data in areas where the seabed is heavily congested or in environmentally sensitive areas where deployment of seabed nodes and/or cables is impractical or not permitted.

Nonseismic applications

The autonomous unmanned vehicles also provide a platform for a number of nonseismic applications, including real-time meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) data collection, passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) for sea mammal detection, marine hydrocarbon detection (SEEP), geomechanic measurements for accurate well placement (MAG), and acoustic data transmission for offshore data recovery (GATEWAY).

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Mobility and Flexibility with 3D Sensor Array Technology

3D sensor array deployed behind the autonomous marine seismic vehicle.
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