eSource Bandwidth-Controlled Seismic Source Technology

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Reduce the environmental impact of marine seismic acquisition

eSource bandwidth-controlled seismic source technology preserves the low-frequency energy required for seismic exploration, while suppressing high-frequency energy that is not necessary for processing, imaging, or interpretation workflows. This enables you to achieve your seismic goals with reduced possible impact on cetaceans and other marine mammals that are more sensitive to seismic energy at higher frequencies.

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Preserve data quality while limiting unwanted energy

Conventional marine seismic sources emit acoustic energy across a wide range of frequencies, so filters are often used to prevent recording of unwanted energy outside of the effective bandwidth. eSource technology, however, reduces unwanted high-frequency energy directly at the source—in turn reducing the potential disturbance to marine life without affecting the seismic data quality.

Configure to seismic survey requirements

eSource technology is able to output energy at three different levels by swapping a single mechanical component. Depending on the mammal sensitivity and seismic imaging requirements, the seismic crew can quickly configure the source to output energy at the desired level. Also, eSource technology can be easily added to existing back-deck infrastructure and is compatible with existing vessels and source controllers, which significantly lowers the cost and risk of adoption.

Jointly developed by WesternGeco and Teledyne Bolt, eSource technology is compatible with existing source array hardware and vessel infrastructure, readily customizable to specific imaging requirements, and available to the entire industry.

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Energy Release Comparison

eSource energy release
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Reduce Potential Local Marine Mammal Impact by Tuning Your Seismic Source

eSource is three sources configurations in one seismic airgun.eSource Reduces Exposure While Preserving Seismic Bandwidth
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