IsoMetrix Marine Isometric Seismic Technology

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Achieve true 3D broadband seismic data finely sampled in all directions

IsoMetrix marine isometric seismic technology provides the only single-sensor true 3D broadband measurements for full-bandwidth imaging of fine-scale structures in the subsurface in all directions—vertically, along the streamer, and crossline between the streamers—for the most detailed imaging from seabed to reservoir.

Increase subsurface coverage by 100% without compromising data integrity

Isometrically sampled multimeasurement data improves the definition of geological features in the subsurface from shallow to deep, delivering clear performance uplifts in comparison with conventional 3D surveys. The fine spatial sampling achieved by IsoMetrix technology enables wider streamer separation, single-vessel wide-tow source, and multivessel acquisition geometries, which can increase subsurface coverage by more than 100% without compromising data integrity. The result is efficient exploration, completed in less time, while maintaining data quality and reducing operational and environmental exposure.

Tow at greater depths with advanced deghosting capabilities

The IsoMetrix multisensor streamer reconstructs dealiased wavefields between the cables where there are no sensors, resulting in a continuous, reliable representation of the deghosted wavefield in all directions. This deghosting capability makes it possible to tow the entire length of the streamer spread at greater depths, extending the weather window and providing powerful attenuation of noise from rigs or other seismic surveys.

Multimeasurement Streamer Technology

Learn how point-receiver technology finely samples broadband seismic data in all directions.

Operational Flexibility

Achieve greater flexibility and efficiency without compromising geophysical quality.

Data Optimization

Acquire high-fidelity multimeasurement data for accurate wavefield reconstruction and 3D deghosting.

Advanced Applications from Exploration to Production

Obtain better understanding of the subsurface from exploration to production, across the life of the field.

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In Focus | IsoMetrix Seismic Technology

In  Focus | IsoMetrix Technology
A compilation of technical articles highlighting the high-quality 3D broadband seismic capabilities of our IsoMetrix technology.
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