IsoMetrix Marine Isometric Seismic Technology

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Technical Papers
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Oct 2015 Dip or Strike? – Complementing Geophysical Sampling Requirements and Acquisition Efficiency IsoMetrix SEG
Oct 2015 High-Resolution Model Building and Imaging Workflow Using Multimeasurement Towed Streamer Data: North Sea Case Study IsoMetrix SEG
Jun 2015 Increasing Acquisition Efficiency by Acquisition of Data During Turns, Using a Multi-Measurement Streamer EAGE
Jun 2015 Optimizing the Use of Gradient Measurements in Wavefield Reconstruction - A Bayesian Noise Tracking Approach EAGE
Jun 2015 Analysis of Multi Measurement Broadband Data - A Case Study from the North Sea IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2015 Case Study of Broadband Multimeasurement Streamer and Multilevel Source Seismic Data from the North Sea IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2015 A MEMS Accelerometer for Multicomponent Streamers EAGE
Nov 2014 Limitations of 2D Deghosting and Redatuming in Time-Lapse Processing of Towed-Streamer Data EAGE
Oct 2014 Optimal Deghosting Robust to Nonstationary Noise from Multimeasurement Streamer Data SEG
Oct 2014 Bayesian Deghosting Approach for Multimeasurement Streamer Data SEG
Oct 2014 Signal-Protected Noise Attenuation for Multimeasurement Towed-Streamer Data SEG
Oct 2014 Finite Difference Modeling to Evaluate the Improvements Associated with a Multicomponent Towed Streamer Measurement in Espirito Santo Basin Offshore Brazil SEG
Oct 2014 Multimeasurement Streamer Acquisition for Reservoir Development - A Case Study from Offshore West Africa SEG
Jun 2014 Broadband - The Interpreter's Friend? IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2014 Exploring the Extent to which Streamer Separation Can Be Relaxed when Using a Multimeasurement Streamer IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2014 Mapping of Sand Injectites from Colour-Processed Multimeasurement Seismic Data IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2014 Improved Reservoir Characterisation by Multisensor Towed Streamer Seismic Data at the Mariner Field Heavy Oil IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2014 A Study of Different Greedy Algorithms for Crossline Wavefield Reconstruction Using Multimeasurement Towed Marine Data IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2014 Quantification of Wavefield Reconstruction Quality from Multisensor Streamer Data Using a Witness Streamer Experiment IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2014 North Sea Case Study for Enhanced Imaging Using a New Multimeasurement Towed Streamer IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2014 Joint Crossline Reconstruction and 3D Deghosting of Shallow Seismic Events from Multimeasurement Streamer Data IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2014 How to Teach a Neural Network to Identify Seismic Interference IsoMetrix EAGE
Jun 2014 Time- and Frequency-Domain Metrics for the Evaluation of Full-Aperture, Time-lapse Data from Multi-Sensor Streamers IsoMetrix EAGE
Sep 2013 On the Use of Frequency-Dependent Repeatability Metrics for Evaluating Wavefield Reconstruction: A Time-Lapse Perspective IsoMetrix SEG
Jun 2013 Impact of Streamer Spacing on the Reconstruction Using Multimeasurement Seismic Data - Study Before and After Imaging EAGE
Jun 2013 Towards Improved Time-lapse Seismic Repetition Accuracy by Use of Multimeasurement Streamer Reconstruction EAGE
Jun 2013 Crossline Reconstruction Using Aliased 3D Deghosted Up- and Down-Going Wavefields EAGE
Jun 2013 A Field Trial of a Multi-Sensor Broadband Seismic Streamer at the Oseberg Field EAGE
Jun 2013 Survey Design and Modeling Framework for Towed Multimeasurement Seismic Streamer Data EAGE
Jun 2013 Multidomain Noise Attenuation for Multimeasurement Towed Streamer Data EAGE
May 2013 New Marine Towed-Streamer Acquisition Technology OTC
Nov 2012 Multicomponent (4C) Towed-Streamer Design for High Signal Fidelity Recording SEG
Nov 2012 Full-Wavefield, Towed-Marine Seismic Acquisition and Applications SEG
Nov 2012 Effective Seismic Interference Elimination Enabled by Multi-Component Data from Marine SEG
Jun 2012 Combination of Multi-Component Streamer Pressure and Vertical Particle Velocity EAGE
Nov 2012 The Fidelity of 3D Wavefield Reconstruction From a Four-Component Marine Streamer and its Implications for Time-Lapse Seismic Measurements SEG
Nov 2012 Multiscale Noise Attenuation of Multicomponent (4C) Towed-Streamer Data SEG
Jun 2012 Combination of Multi-Component Streamer Pressure and Vertical Particle Velocity - Theory and Application to Data Exploration EAGE
Jun 2012 On the Role of Priors in Generalized Matching Pursuit to Reconstruct Wavefields from Multicomponent Streamer Data EAGE
Jun 2012 Reconstruction of the Subsurface Reflected Wavefield on a Dense Grid from Multicomponent Streamer Data EAGE
Jun 2012 Evaluating Fidelity and Repeatability of Wavefields Reconstructed from Multicomponent Streamer Data EAGE
Jun 2012 Digital Noise Attenuation of Particle Motion Data in a Multicomponent 4C Towed Streamer , Nessie-6 EAGE
Jun 2012 How Multicomponent Data Enable Effective Seismic Interference Elimination from Marine Acquisitions EAGE
Jun 2012 Signal Fidelity of Multicomponent (4C) Towed Streamer EAGE
Jun 2012 Characterization of Noise Modes in Multicomponent (4C) Towed-Streamer , Nessie-6 EAGE
Jun 2012 Reducing the Size of the Seismic Source with a 4C Towed-Marine Streamer , Nessie-6 EAGE