Advanced Applications from Exploration to Production

The ability to record and effectively combine three independent measurements enables IsoMetrix technology to capture the full wavefield complexity, which offers a variety of applications.

Efficient exploration

IsoMetrix technology enables more efficient and cost effective acquisition of seismic surveys without compromising data quality. This means towing wider, increasing the streamer separation, while reconstructing measurements equivalent to finer cable separations, but without sacrificing crossline sampling—a trade-off which has, until now, limited conventional interpolation techniques. The result is faster acquisition rates, leading to reduced operational, weather, and environmental exposure. Further increases in efficiency can be achieved through IsoMetrix-enabled multi-vessel operations, for example, doubling or tripling sub-surface coverage per sail line.

High-resolution field development planning

IsoMetrix technology improves resolution for reservoir characterization studies during appraisal and field development. This includes a more detailed understanding of the overburden—a key element in imaging deeper reservoir units, as well as establishing a safe and efficient well design to reach target.

Universal 4D for production monitoring

IsoMetrix technology builds upon the core Q-Marine point-receiver marine seismic system elements for time-lapse (4D) repeat acquisition. In addition, the ability to reconstruct the wavefield at any desired location raises 4D repeatability to an unprecedented level to better reveal subtle variations in seismic responses related to changes in reservoir fluids and pressure. The ability to reconstruct both the up- and downgoing wavefields allows redatuming to improve comparison with baseline surveys, while providing a broadband dataset fit for future high-resolution monitor surveys.

Value optimization by survey design and modeling

The true potential of IsoMetrix technology is realized when the characteristics of an IsoMetrix dataset are matched against the unique geological, geophysical, and economic objectives of a survey. Consequently, a survey design and modeling study (including elements specific to the multisensor measurements) is a recommended component in any IsoMetrix technology project.

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Efficient Technology: Two Times the Subsurface Coverage in Half the Time

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