DSC Dynamic Spread Control System

Improving the accuracy and effectiveness of marine acquisition

The DSC dynamic spread control system is available on all Q-Marine point-receiver marine seismic system and IsoMetrix marine isometric seismic technology vessels. The DSC system enables the planning and automated positioning of the vessel, source, and cables for marine seismic acquisition, as well as quality control and quality assurance of the acquisition deliverables.

Originally developed to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of 4D surveys, the DSC system can also be used to improve the quality of other seismic acquisition techniques that are enabled by WesternGeco technology. System components and principles are also applicable on any conventional 3D survey, improving coverage and reducing infill. Streamer steering and accurate positioning also enable data to be acquired closer to obstructions without the risks of collision and streamer tangling, reducing HSE risk in critical operations.

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Using the DSC System For Improved Acquisition

Dynamic spread controlAn example of the improvement in source positioning brought about by DSC
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