Seabed Seismic Technologies

Cost-effective, high-quality acquisition technologies

Seabed acquisition is a rapidly growing area of the seismic market, including both ocean-bottom node (OBN) and ocean-bottom cable (OBC) approaches. WesternGeco offers high-quality seabed solutions for a range of environments, including the Q-Seabed multicomponent seabed seismic system and nodal options as well as hybrid combinations with towed-streamer technologies. Our broad portfolio of cost-effective, high-quality seabed seismic acquisition technologies are complemented by rich experience in processing, imaging, inverting, and interpreting multicomponent datasets.

Ocean-bottom nodes

We provide an integrated nodal solution from survey design and modeling through acquisition, processing, and imaging. Our offering is based on established nodal technology, combined with WesternGeco operational experience and acquisition systems:

  • sensors: GeoSpace OBX-750 four-component (4C) seabed recorder
  • positioning system: Sonardyne
  • efficient and automated handling, deployment, and retrieval system developed in partnership with Rolls Royce.

WesternGeco multipurpose vessels (MPVs) provide the platform for OBN acquisition, including storage, data harvesting, and recharging capacity for 5,000 nodes. MPVs also enable integration with common systems, including TRISOR acoustic source control element, TRINAV integrated navigation and positioning system module, and the onboard Omega geophysical data processing platform.

The nodal receivers are complemented with sophisticated source options, including azimuthally invariant source arrays (AISAs), calibrated marine sources, and eSource bandwidth-controlled seismic source technology. Our MPVs provide the flexibility and efficiency to acquire seabed and marine-towed streamer data. This means you can acquire all the data you want without the added expense and time of employing multiple vessels or providers. 

Multicomponent Seabed Seismic System

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