Stochastic Beta Deconvolution (SBD)

Borehole-constrained spectral shaping for enhanced vertical resolution

Conventional spectral shaping techniques often rely on several limiting assumptions as to the nature of the earth. These might include "white" earth reflectivity, a stationary seismic wavelet, minimum phase, and the absence of noise.

We use borehole data to replace these assumptions with information that more accurately models Earth properties—maximizing the vertical resolution available in the data based on sound geophysical principles.

Stochastic beta deconvolution (SBD) is applied pre- or poststack and can produce superior results compared to more generic spectral shaping techniques. Combined with well-tie analysis, stochastic beta deconvolution forms an integral component of any Well-Driven Seismic workflow.

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SBD for Enhanced Vertical Resolution

Improved vertical resolution using SBD.
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