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Creating unified earth models with greater confidence and efficiency

The latest Earth Model Building technology improves geophysical processing and interpretation of the subsurface, delivering high-resolution seismic images that are placed correctly in depth. With streamlined workflows and enhanced interaction between leading software platforms, our team of petrotechnical experts can more quickly and efficiently create earth models to help you make better-informed exploration and drilling decisions.

Software interface improves data integration

Advanced algorithms and an intuitive software interface improve the efficiency of our petrotechnical experts in leveraging the interactivity and multimeasurement integration of the Petrel E&P software platform and the high computation power of the Omega geophysical data processing platform. This integration enables users to work simultaneously with both interactive and batch systems to accomplish the entire E&P lifecycle with a set of integrated workflows on a common platform. Integrating advanced parameters such as VTI, TTI, and orthorhombic complex anisotropy with additional measurements such as electromagnetics, rock physics, borehole and basin modeling, the final product delivered by Earth Model Building Services increases confidence in geologically complex earth models.

Workflows completed 50% faster

An optimized workflow, enabled by new software technology, reduces the number of iterations needed when integrating large amounts data, simplifying the QC process and increasing the timeliness of data processing and interpretation. Updates to the workflow were developed after extensive research and user testing to optimize the sequence of tasks and QCs needed to efficiently navigate through the workflow. This streamlined process is completed 50% faster, optimizing the efficiency of Earth Model Building and improving the quality of the final model and solution.

Functionality for cross-team collaboration

The new software promotes collaboration between our petrotechnical experts and customers. This ongoing exchange facilitates establishing common views and a deeper understanding of projects. Using the Petrel platform also supports the continuation of postimaging reservoir and production workflows for further insight.

Quantitative Analysis of Seismic Uncertainty

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