Integrated Electromagnetic Services

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Reducing uncertainty for E&P workflows by integrating seismic and nonseismic data, measurements, and methods

Schlumberger provides integrated electromagnetic services through the Schlumberger Integrated Electromagnetic Center of Excellence, located in Milan, Italy. We support worldwide land electromagnetic (EM) acquisition as well as land and marine EM data processing and interpretation services.

In coordination with other Schlumberger research facilities, the Center also develops and applies the industry’s leading software and inversion solutions for EM and other nonseismic methods, including simultaneous joint inversion of multiple geophysical measurements, including seismic, EM, gravity, and magnetic data.

Land Electromagnetics

Delivering worldwide land EM services, including passive magnetotelluric and active controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) methods, with more than 25 years of worldwide experience in integrated EM solutions.

EM Data Processing and Interpretation

Integrating EM, seismic, and other available oilfield measurements to reduce risk and increase confidence in subsurface interpretations.

Simultaneous Joint Inversion

Improving imaging in complex environments, including subsalt, subbasalt and subthrust areas, through simultaneous joint inversion of integrated datasets.

EM Software

Enhancing magnetotelluric data processing and modeling with advanced software.

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Petrophysical Joint Inversion of Seismic and EM Data in the Barents Sea

EAGE 2013
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