3D Modeling

This module is based on Randy Mackie's finite-difference 3D codes, and is supported by a powerful graphical interface to import or edit the 3D mesh and to transform the results into EDI impedances (MT) or amplitude and phase (frequency-domain CSEM). In February 2011, forward computation times are approximately one hour on a conventional PC for a 100 x 100 x 100 element mesh for six frequencies for the MT case or for twelve transmitter positions (marine CSEM). The forward responses for individual MT mesh columns can be exported as EDI files and then reimported into WinGLink where they can be assigned to profiles and used in subsequent 2D inversions.


  • Import, create edit and export 3D MT and CSEM meshes
  • Create views (slices) of 3D MT and CSEM meshes
  • Calculate the forward response of 3D MT and CSEM models using Randy Mackie's 3D modeling code
  • Export EDI files calculated for stations positioned on the mesh using field information returned by the MT forward calculation.

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